Oak Addiction


Oak wood has always been highly valued for its strength and durability as well as highly attractive grain markings. Extensively used in construction as-well as interior panelling, flooring, house and garden furniture, oak is visibly the favorite choice for architects and interior designers since ages now, and so it is still reflected in our modern day architecture.

The main reason that drives people to use Oak for their interiors is the beauty and elegance that it adds to it.  Oak reflects a special kind of elegance, warmth and luxury which cannot be compared to any other type of wood. It creates an unique ambiance no matter if placed in your bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Three Widely Used Oak Products For Room Interiors

oak furniture

Furniture Wood

Oak wood virtually lasts forever and you can still admire oak furniture in museums and palaces even if it was made many centuries ago. This is due to the fact that oak wood is very strong and hard as well as water resistant

Wooden Flooring

Oak flooring reflects a unique sense of warmth and charm. We have two main types of oak flooring to choose from. The first one is solid oak flooring made from solid oak, while the second one is engineered oak flooring which consists of oak veneer and plywood. We also have the option of laminated flooring which has different shades of oak to choose from.

Oak Veneer

Designer’s who would like to impart oak feel to their projects can use oak veneers for furniture’s, kitchen interiors and wardrobes. These veneers translate a royal feel to your interiors and furniture. Patterns and grains of oak can be well utilized for with use of veneers. We have veneers available in quarter, straight and crown cuts with textured, plain, dyed and smoked pattern.