Welcome to our Veneer Studio

a place where veneer buying transforms from being a chore to an absolute exquisite experience. As you enter the studio, you will feel an air that’s pampering and soothing.

Exclusive range of veneers

You will be totally delighted not only by the range, but by the excellence of veneers. From contemporary, 21st century range veneers to rare, traditional, delicate, imported, and a selected few-available-across-the-world veneer sheets; it’s like a treasure chest.

Personal attention by customer executive

We know that hand-picking the right one that will complement your decor can be a daunting task. That is why; our personal customer care executive will dedicate himself to help you in the journey. As you relax yourself and enjoy a cup of coffee, we will display an assortment of veneers.

See veneer under various lights

The effect of light on each sheet - The play of sunlight, the romance of subdued rays, the mystique of darkness. You will literally recognise veneers in the right light.

The after-polish effect on veneer

We use water sprays to show you the even and smooth effect-feel of veneers after polishing. The general experience of this demonstration in market is awkward and messy. But as we said, at Designer's Elements it’s a discovery.

So come, live a day with veneers at Designer's Elements and gradually see your dream decor come alive.

Entrance – Showroom of Designer’s Elements

Exquisite Range of Laminates

Hardware that’s Interesting, Zingy and Inspiring

Kitchens – where you’ll Cook up Magic

Wall-Covering and Wooden Flooring