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Unlike other products while buying plywood people have very little awareness as in what exactly satisfies their requirement. It’s upon the brand or the seller’s word which convinces a customer to go for particular plywood.
One of the genuine brands that we endorse is Sim-ply, so we thought to shed some light into the product which will educate the customer why and where can this product shall be used. If you are buying plywood for your furniture, home, office purpose and wish they last for a long time then this is one of the best product available in the market.
Sim-plywood is made of 100% Burmese Gurjan which is found in Myanmar. Burmese Gurjan is popularly known for its strength and quality all over the world.
Below listed few qualities will give you closer idea while deciding your plywood.


  • Higher weight

The main feature of plywood is its stability. Compared to other woods used for making plywood, Gurjan wood has a natural quality of having higher density and therefore ply made out of it is more dimensionally stable.

Where an ordinary 18mm, 8 x 4 plywood would weigh hardly around 40 Kg, Gurjan ply-wood will weigh over 45 Kg.

So you can be sure of no warping or bending with Sim-ply.


  • No core gaps

This is one of the most highlighting attribute of Sim-Ply. The construction of simply allows no water seepage inside the plywood as there is almost zero gaps in the core. Zero core gaps make wood less vulnerable to termites, borers and other microorganisms. So with Simply you can have peace of mind on their longevity.


  • Superior nail holding ability

This is one of the most important elements that is not discussed very often. Simply panel strength and construction gives it superior nail holding property which helps it withstand any screw, nail, nut or bolt which in the case of other plywood tend to split up, causing wastage & need for repairs thus increasing cost.

Sim Ply Product Range

Sim-ply Burmese Gurjan products includes:

  • Plywood
  • Flexible plywood
  • Block Board