5 Reason to buy Laminated Wooden Flooring

wooden flooring

  1. Easy on pocketWhile hunting for the best flooring for our room, the budget we usually intend for it is always a constrain that lingers in your mind. But there is good news, now a days market is offering some awesome range of wooden flooring’s that smartly fits to budget. Laminated Wooden Flooring is not only very much budget friendly but also offers a very up market premium looks to your room interior which you always desired. This will reduce your budget by more than half of your budget, if compared to engineered or solid wooden flooring. Check out the Easy range of laminated wooden flooring from ego that is offering the European quality & with 12 different shades at a very amazing price.


    Installed image of Easy Laminated Wooden flooring

  2. Less of maintenanceLaminated wooden flooring is easy to maintain just like any other regular flooring available in the market. You can mop the laminated wooden floors like the regular tiles floor. Also laminated wooden flooring not much affected by climatic fluctuations making it better option if compared to other ceramic or marble floors which tend to get colder during winters or vice versa. The technology offered by Ego in its flooring makes their laminated floors resistant to heavy wear and tear and won’t let your floor attract stain or dust. Even a lit cigarette thrown on the floor will leave no stain or any kind of damage to the floor. Also laminated wooden flooring’s need not be polished time to time as the regular wooden ones.

    easy to maintain laminated wooden floor

    Easy to mop & clean

  3. Easy to install & uninstallThe click and lock system from Ego Floors make their product easy to install. This saves lot of time as well as labor cost. A 500 sqft area can easily be installed in 2 hrs time, making your area accessible to the earliest. And the best part is that you can reuse your flooring’s. Yes laminated flooring’s can easily be uninstalled and can be re-installed to another place you wish without damaging your base floor.


    Easy to install

  4. Real wood texturesThe newly arrived textures of laminated wooden flooring’s are so impressive that even an expert will find it difficult distinguishing it from the real wood. The manufactures of laminated flooring’s have successful replicated many traits of wooden in its flooring like the nail marks, chipping off, natural dents & decay, saw cut marks etc. one of the most popular offering is the Distressed & the enchant collection which is offering unbelievable replication of real wood in its flooring.

    texture floor

    Distressed Collection From Ego

  5. Various Shades to Choose fromThe color option available in laminated wooden immense that it so desirable and hard to choose from. With every range you pass you will find huge amount of shade and pattern variation. You will be surprised to find shades replicating the worn-out floors of beach shacks to old European houses with so much of detailing and preciseness. The Signature Collection from Ego is one of the most popular for its vivid and refreshing patterns.

    color variations

    Random Width Collection From Ego